Paving Project

Paving Project

The Board of Directors engaged the services of Macadam Company to pave the community, starting next week, weather permitting. The crews will use uniform for safety reasons and will follow all COVID-19 guidelines.   The plan is to do the concrete work first and the paving is scheduled on June 01, 2020.   Attached is a map showing the new ramps and the paving zones per day.

Concrete repair work and installation of new ramps.   Please take a moment to review the attached map so you can kindly park your vehicle at another location for the day.   Additionally, Macadam will be posting signs to let you know where they will be working.

Milling and paving of Harvest Lane and Roskeen Court.   The community has been divided in five sections.  The day before they work on your area, please have your vehicles moved to overflowing parking spaces.   At the end of that day, you will be able to move in to your regular parking space.   Again, Macadam will be posting signs to let you know where they will be working.

Should you have any additional concerns or questions, feel free to call Jeff Bevevino at 610.993.9000.   We thank you in advance for your anticipated collaboration.   Yes, it is a tedious process and you will be inconvenienced a few days, but it is for the greater good of the community for the next thirty years or more!

One thought on “Paving Project

  1. What you are saying, “the next thirty years or more,” is entirely likely because the
    current paving was done in 1990, thirty years ago!


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