Rental Information


The Community Center (known as the “Clubhouse”) of CAINES CREEK COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (known as “Caines Creek”) exists for the pleasure and enjoyment of Caines Creek and the Village of Caines Creek residents, their families and guests in a setting of privacy and dignity.  Maximum occupancy rate is 50 persons.


The Clubhouse may be rented by a Caines Creek or Village of Caines Creek unit owner (known as the “Function Sponsor”).  The Function Sponsor must also be present in the Clubhouse for the rental period.  Commercial or business use of the Clubhouse is prohibited. 


A security deposit of $200 along with the fee for the desired rental period are required at least one week in advance to hold the reservation for the use of the Clubhouse. 

Rental Period:          

  • 1-3 hours                    $  40.00
  • 4-6 hours                    $  75.00
  • 7-24 hours                  $ 150.00

See the Rental Agreement for More Details