Pool – Guest Policy

Good morning, Caine’s Creek Homeowner (s)

Council has been closely following the CDC and Chester County guidelines regarding pool rules and they have been relaxed enough that it is possible to allow two (2) guests per unit, as long as they sign an individual waiver and it is sent to the management office before using the pool.   Attached are the pool rules and the waiver form; please share with your guests.   Remember that guests must be accompanied by the homeowner at all times.

We would like to remind you that when at the pool, you must sign in, for traceability purposes.  We will continue to monitor the legal and safety aspects of opening the clubhouse later in the season.

Thank you for your collaboration and enjoy the rest of the summer!

2020 Annual Meeting Follow Up

Dear Caine’s Creek Homeowner (s):

Due to the lack of quorum at the November 2020 Annual Meeting of the Caine’s Creek Community Association, it is mandated that a second meeting is called for to obtain quorum.    This second virtual meeting is scheduled on Friday, February 05, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

If you already sent a ballot, thank you.   If you cannot attend the meeting, please fill out the ballot and email it to: mesolis@pencomanagement.com by February 04, 2020.  

Based on the difficulty to obtain quorum to conduct business, the Board of Directors adopted a Resolution according to the Non-Profit Corporation Law, where those who are present, via zoom or paper at this second meeting will constitute quorum.   Any vote previously cast will continue to be valid.

Trash Delay – 12/17 -> 12/18

Due to the inclement weather A.J. Blosenski Inc, will be closed on Thursday December 17, 2020. All routes will operate on a one day delay for the remainder of the week.   The collection scheduled for Thursday it will be collected on Friday. We appreciate your understanding in our decision to keep our crews and the public safe.

It is important to place your material out the night before to ensure the collection.   Trucks might be running earlier than usual to complete the routes.

Stay safe = stay home! 

Snow is Coming

Hanson Contracting will be taking care of the snow and ice removal.   Please leave the block of ten parking spaces available at the clubhouse, which are now marked CCCA during snow events. 

It allows the crews to clear those spaces first. During the plowing process of resident parking areas after the storm, owners can move their cars temporarily into the CCCA spaces while his team plows their parking section. They should move their cars back home right away so the next section can use the spaces – a twenty minute estimated time period.

In the case of a major snow event like what we are expecting on Wednesday/Thursday, it allows them to place snow in that area to be handled later. Roskeen has its center area for snow mountains and the end of Harvest in the lawn area is an option but the CCCA parking area is the best snow placement alternative for the long run through Harvest.

Last but not least, please leave the outside lights on and allow time for the crews to perform the cleaning and deicing services.   The average response time is between eight to twelve hours after snow fall, depending on the temperature and general conditions.   Should you wish to share a concern or a compliment, email the management office; please do not engage the crew directly.

Paving Project

Paving Project

The Board of Directors engaged the services of Macadam Company to pave the community, starting next week, weather permitting. The crews will use uniform for safety reasons and will follow all COVID-19 guidelines.   The plan is to do the concrete work first and the paving is scheduled on June 01, 2020.   Attached is a map showing the new ramps and the paving zones per day.

Concrete repair work and installation of new ramps.   Please take a moment to review the attached map so you can kindly park your vehicle at another location for the day.   Additionally, Macadam will be posting signs to let you know where they will be working.

Milling and paving of Harvest Lane and Roskeen Court.   The community has been divided in five sections.  The day before they work on your area, please have your vehicles moved to overflowing parking spaces.   At the end of that day, you will be able to move in to your regular parking space.   Again, Macadam will be posting signs to let you know where they will be working.

Should you have any additional concerns or questions, feel free to call Jeff Bevevino at 610.993.9000.   We thank you in advance for your anticipated collaboration.   Yes, it is a tedious process and you will be inconvenienced a few days, but it is for the greater good of the community for the next thirty years or more!