Opening July 3rd 2021

If you have been walking around you have probably noticed quite a lot of action occurring at the pool.  The board is pleased to announce that we are on track for an early July opening.  The pool will open on July 3rd 2021!  The board has imposed some limited restrictions on the pool due to COVID based on recommended safe practices.  See updated pool rules which are attached.  The board is taking as many reasonable precautions to limit COVID-19 risks and exposure.  One crucial precaution is obeying the rules.

Part of our liability risk is also the requirement of liability waiver specifically regarding COVID-19.  You will need to return these before receiving the new entry code and being granted access to the pool season.  We encourage you to return them scanned through email for a prompter response.  Please understand that there will be a delay regardless so return forms as soon as possible and not the day you plan to first use the pool.  We understand this is cumbersome but believe it to be in the best interest of the community.

For those wanting to sit by the pool we advise bring foldable lawn chairs or similar with you as no furniture will be put out this season.  Please remove any items brought with you when leaving the pool.  We know that many of our residents enjoy being able to bring guests to the pool.  The board has for now chosen based on legal advice to restrict access to residents only.  Please know the board would like to do away with this restriction but not yet feel comfortable doing so.  Things have been changing quickly and we hope, that as regulations and guidelines continue to loosen due to increased vaccination rates and dropping infection rates, to be able to remove this restriction later in the pool season.

Investor homeowners, please share this information with your tenants; only current tenants will be allowed to use the pool.

Compliance with the limited restrictions and pool regulations is essential for us to keep the pool open this season.  Please be courteous and cooperate so that all residents can still enjoy the pool this year.  Regular abuses of the pool rules and regulations will mean that we will either have to close the pool or hire a full time attendant.  A full-time attendant would mean a special assessment to cover the additional costs.

Guest Policy

Good morning, Caine’s Creek Homeowner (s)

Council has been closely following the CDC and Chester County guidelines regarding pool rules and they have been relaxed enough that it is possible to allow two (2) guests per unit, as long as they sign an individual waiver and it is sent to the management office before using the pool.   Attached are the pool rules and the waiver form; please share with your guests.   Remember that guests must be accompanied by the homeowner at all times.

We would like to remind you that when at the pool, you must sign in, for traceability purposes.  We will continue to monitor the legal and safety aspects of opening the clubhouse later in the season.

Thank you for your collaboration and enjoy the rest of the summer!