You have many options available to submit payment. For direct deposit contact PENCO. Otherwise you can pay by check, e-check or credit card (fee for credit card payment). These options are available for monthly assessments, rentals, fees, etc.


Caines Creek C/O PENCO Management

2860 DeKalb Pike, Suite 200

East Norriton, PA 19401

Please Include your Address and Reason for Payment (Pet Registration, Administrative Lease Fee, Etc.) on the note line of the check.

Online (eCheck)

Mutual Pay

  • Register / Log-In or Click Pay Now for One time Payment
  • Enter & Pay amount shown on Registration Receipt

Online (Credit)


Account Number is the numeric part of your address. User Registration is Required & a Convenience Fee for Submission ($8.95 Credit)

  • Register / Log-In to Account
  • Enter & Pay amount shown on Registration Receipt