Our Trash Pickup is performed by A.J. Blosenski, Inc.  Standard pickup is Thursday morning.  Trash and/or recycle items may not be curbed or placed anywhere outside of a Unit prior to 3:00 pm prior to collection.  Fines for non-compliance with this regulation will be assessed as follows:

First Offense:        Warning

Second Offense:   $50.00 Fine

Third Offense:       $100.00 Fine

Subsequent Offenses:    $150.00 Fine

Please remove trash / recycle bin from curb by end of day after pickup is completed.  Please see the website and the community board above mailboxes for Holiday scheduling for trash / recycle pickup.

2020 – Holiday Pickup Schedule

2019 – Holiday Pickup Schedule

Please see A.J. Blosenski site for details on what products are acceptable for trash and recycle.  Please note their bulk pickup details.  They do allow for a monthly bulk pickup but it has restriction to when and what they will include.  Again see their site for details.

Products not meeting the bulk pickup that the community is forced to arrange special pick-up for will be billed to the unit owner along with a penalty fee from the association.  If you need special pickup please schedule and arrangement payment with A.J. Blosenski directly.