Architectural Request Guides

Any change, addition or modification to your Unit that would be placed on or affect a Common Element must have prior approval from the Board of the Caines Creek Community Association.  Failure to do so can result in a reversal of work at the Unit Owner’s expense and fines from the association.  This includes all landscaping changes that extend to Common Elements or on the Lot.

To obtain approval you must submit an architectural request form and receive written approval to proceed.  If work is done by a contractor or resident, they must be approved by registering with the Manager and familiarizing themselves with an “as built” plan. As part of the approval, the contractor must submit an insurance certificate of liability before work is to be started.

The unit owner, must agree to be totally responsible for the entire installation, maintenance and upkeep (replacement, insurance, etc.) for any request, if approved. This agreement will be made part of any agreement of sale that the Unit may enter into for the above-mentioned unit.

To facilitate a faster return on architectural requests please see the guidelines below for common requests.  These guidelines do not guarantee approval and all necessary forms and procedures must still be submitted and followed.   

Front Door

As it is a common element the Association will replace a front door as required with a builder’s grade six paneled door.  However, should you desire to pick out your own front door you may submit an architectural request to do so.  It must be a paneled door though it is permitted to have small high window with plain glass.  Final approval is subject to the board’s decision. Installing a custom door will be at Owners expense and the Association will be not obligated to replace it in kind in the future.  The door must be painted to match the existing door color of the building.

Storm Door

Storm Doors are not original and thus are the responsibility of the Unit Owners to maintain or replace.  As they modify and attach to common elements their addition or replacement must be of a board approved style.  Storm Doors should be white with plain glass and a small panel on the bottom.  Final approval is subject to the board’s decision. Installing a new storm door will be at Owners expense and the Association will be not obligated to replace it in the future. 

HVAC Systems & Replacement

Condensers – Condensers may be placed in their original installed location in the patio closest or exterior to the unit on common grounds.  If the condenser will be installed on common ground the board must first approve the location it is to be placed.  For units with condensers already placed on common ground a replacement should go in the same location. If the Unit is removed from the patio closet, then the hole shall be sealed appropriately to match the side of the building or in an aesthetically pleasing manner approved by the board.

Condensate Lines – New condensate lines may be run but the old line must be removed unless doing so would mar or damage the siding.  New lines should be painted to match the siding or covered appropriately to match the siding.  New condensate lines should be run on back or side of the building.  They should not be run along the front of the building.

Model and Pictures of new equipment that will be visible or sit exterior to the Unit should be provided as part of your architectural request.


Windows are the responsibility of the Unit Owner to maintain and replace.  They are still subject to board approval however.  Their replacement should be an in kind replacement with same style being utilized as the existing window being replaced.  No new windows may be installed where there is not currently a window.