We are looking for Volunteers!  We have numerous things that you as a resident can help with to make our community more vibrant, attractive and affordable.  Please review the various ways that we need help and see if any of them are of interest to you:

  • Community Organizers
    • We would like to see our communities be more interactive.  As such we are working towards improvements and modified policies for areas like the pool & Clubhouse.  We need volunteers though.  As the Board we spend a lot of time with the ongoing responsibilities of maintaining the community.  We need people who are willing to take the reigns and do some community organizing.
      • Plan and Propose Community Events
      • Advertise Community Events
      • Coordinate / Run Community Events
  • Pool Helpers
    • Openers – Open the pool (1 week commitment)
    • Closers – Close the pool (1 week commitment)
    • Monitors – Check-In throughout Week during the Day on the Pool (1 week commitment)
  • Landscaping Helpers
    • We would like to get a group together that enjoys planting and landscaping.  We spend a lot of money because we currently pay for the labor for all this work.  You would not be involved in maintenance things like mowing, etc.  This would be for betterment projects.
      • Planting Trees / Bushes / Flowers
      • Clearing out Overgrowth near the Clubhouse
      • Etc.
  • Maintenance Helpers
    • While we are improving the Clubhouse it is an old building with plenty of need for some TLC.  With enough interest we would look to organize community work days.  Those interested would come out and help do things such as:
      • Painting
      • Flooring
      • Handy Work
      • Cleaning
      • Etc.
    • In this way we hope to save both communities a little money.

If you are interested please contact us at cainescreek@gmail.com

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